email loginWebmail is short for web-based-email,this simply put is using your browser to access you email without going via email client or any other third party softwares or applications. to make for a better understaing here are examples:

Thunderbird is a third party email client that lets you download your email on to your desktop while gmail is web based email that you need a browser and internet to access. the process of accessing your webmail through a browser online is called webmail login.

Usually webmail is used by companies and institutes like universities and collages to provide internal communication either locally or remotely with the use of the internet.

Webmail login has been simplified over the years to make it user friendly but the basic concept is the same for all internet service providers and email providers:,”yourdomainname” is the name of your website.

if you type in that you on any web browser with an internet connection you will be directed to a log in platform where you will be asked to enter your unique username and password.

The advantage of webmail is you can basically access your email from any browser with an internet connection anywhere in the world,however this presents the obvious dis advantages that you can not work or access your email offline. simply put,if your email provider server is down or you do not have a working internet connection you will not be able to access your email.

This is the major sell point that email clients worked on and they developed a way to download your email,work offline and even make some drafts that can be programmed to be sent later. email providers like gmail have since developed their own email clients that work uniquely with their email service.

On tablets and smartphones you can access webmail login via an inbuilt universal preloaded email application that asks you to put your log in details then select specific protocols that link to your email or internet service provider like POP3 and IMAP4.or else you can also use the tablet browser to access webmail login.